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After paying, please come back to this page and use the form below to let me know what you have in mind for your knife. Please give as much detail as you can.  I will be  back in touch with you ASAP with a current breakdown of materials, pricing, and current wait time.

​​All of my knives require a modest deposit of $50.00 that will secure your position in the order book. The deposit can be sent using Paypal, Google Wallet or,  by simply clicking the Pay Now Button to the right. The email address for the deposit is Starting price for all current designs is $795 and goes up from there depending on materials and details of your build. (Deposits are refundable at my discretion on a case by case basis. In other words, please make sure a custom knife is affordable by the time your build comes up. Also keep in mind this is how I provide for my family and an average build has at least 40 plus hours of my life put into it.) 

Once the deposit is received I will be in touch with you to confirm it was received and add you to the books. When I get close to starting on your knife I will be back in touch with you to let you know the build is getting ready to start. Once I have begun with your knife I will send you WIP pics of the progress to make sure your getting what you want. After all it's your hard earned money so you deserve something you like, and a knife you will want to carry for years to come. All knives come with a certificate of authenticity and zippered pouch. 

All of my knives are made by me personally with my own two hands. Every knife is warrantied for the life of the knife at my discretion. What I mean by that is if it's obvious the knife has been abused such as using the blade as a pry bar or something like that, I won't be able to help you out. If the knife fails because of the materials or craftsmanship, I will repair or replace the knife as needed. 

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